Winter Care of a Cobra Lily

Like many insectivorous plants, cobra lilies are perennial. This means that they will grow and feed during the summer but will become dormant over the winter months. Despite their dormancy, your cobra lily will still need to be regularly cared for. 

What Happens to Cobra Lilies in Winter?

During their dormant period you will notice that the pitchers will deteriorate and turn brown. This is a natural process for this type of carnivorous plant and over the next year of its growth, new plantlets will develop around the roots and these will eventually grow into new pitchers. This process happens because like many carnivorous plants, cobra lilies are actually self-seeding.


Winter Care

Cobra lilies thrive in cool, boggy soil and it is important to maintain a level of coolness in the soil even during the winter. The simplest way to achieve this is to put several ice cubes onto the soil around the plant. As the ice melts, it will seep through the soil and cool the roots. If you have a drip system in place near your plant you can put a couple of ice cubes into the water as this will have a similar effect. 

This will also serve as a means of watering and if carried out on a daily basis, no further maintenance should be required.