Winter Plants: Best Surviving Garden Plants

During the frosty winter period a lot of plants, especially outdoor ones, can get easily damaged by the cold weather conditions but winter plants however, are perfectly equipped to survive these difficult seasons. These plants are usually evergreen and some of them can also flourish during winter since they can support very low temperatures. Here is some information about these plants and what you should do to help them stay healthy and strong.


One of the best winter surviving plants is the camellia. Although a bit strange, this plants is capable to produce loads of beautiful pink, white or red flowers during winter and early spring. However, it requires a good drainage system because if its roots get frozen it will shortly die. The great thing about this plant is that its flowering period can be measured in months rather than in days.


Another great plant for your winter garden is the hellebore. Even this plant produces masses of flowers during winter and it is also admired for its attractive green leaves. Hellebores often need to be pruned in early winter by cutting off the old leaves and stems to support the healthy ones in order for the plant to produce more flowers.

Evergreen Holly

The unique leaves and berries of a holly are usually associated with the Christmas holidays. This plant must also be planted in spring and no matter where you live, there is a holly that can bloom in your garden. Moreover, a holly usually likes acidic soil and it is also drought tolerant since it has long roots which will eventually find water deep in the soil.

Winter Vegetables

For those who love to plant some crops and veggies in their back garden, there are even some plants which they can grow. In fact, carrots, cabbages, broccoli, onions and spinach are all considered to be winter vegetables which one can easily grow without any particular farming skills. A good way to grow these crops is to try to spot the first frost in your location and then count back the days needed to grow your crops. Otherwise, view the instructions on the seeds package to plant your crops in the best period.


This beautiful small plant can produce flowers even if it is coated with a thick layer of snow. Snowdrops produce small but distinctive white flowers which are suspended from delicate, short stems and they only require a well-drained soil to grow strong. Furthermore, snowdrops need a lot of water, and a great way to enhance your garden environment is to plant some of them around tree bases.

Crape Myrtle

This delicate plant is one of the most beautiful winter plants that you can have in a garden. It is native to Southeast Asia and if it is given some specific care it can grow and mature into a large tree. As with the camellia, the crape myrtle also needs very good drainage and a rich soil since it needs to remain continuously moist. Even if it is considered a winter plant, a Crape Myrtle will enjoy some full sun in a protected area.


So for those garden lovers, these are some plants which can be easily grown in winter. By planting some of these plants, you can also have a flowering garden even during the cold seasons.