Wiring Tips for Custom Motorcycle Tail Light Installation

a red motorcycle

Adding new electrical gadgets to a motorcycle is a time honored tradition that every biker follows and nowhere is it more apparent than when it concerns installing a new custom motorcycle tail light. The wiring in new motorcycles is very complicated, but less messy as compared to wiring in older models. The key to successful wiring for custom motorcycle tail light installation lies in keeping things simple and efficient.

Be Neat and Workmanlike

Unless you approach the task of installing wiring for motorcycle tail lights in a professional, workmanlike and neat manner, the results will not match expectations. Fortunately, the entire task in not difficult and ordinary commonsense along with the required tools should allow you to succeed in your mission.

Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Wiring up customized motorcycle tail lights is pretty straightforward, but requires adhering to manufacturer instructions. You must follow manufacturer’s recommendations especially when it concerns placing the mounting point. In case more insulation is required to keep effects of vibration to a minimum, then instead of bolting everything together be sure to make use of relays.

Mount Relays Out of the Way

Although relays are quite weather resistant, they should be mounted in an unobtrusive manner where they will remain dry and secure. A good place for this is a headlight shell, beneath the gas tank or even under the seat.

Protect Terminal Connections

Terminal connectors must be properly protected which can be done with the help of dielectric silicone grease which is especially suitable for those bikers that tend to ride in all-weather conditions. Do the same for any add-on switches which should be mounted securely and protected from the elements.

Handling Fuses

The fuse is designed to blow in case the electrical load reaches a level that is in excess of what is acceptable. When installing fuses be sure to safeguard this function which can best be done by replacing a blown fuse with one of the same rating. Secondly, whenever electrical accessories have to be added there should be a fuse in place or if adding one, it should be placed close to the circuit and near the power source.

Beware of Shorts

Before doing anything with the electrical system, disconnect the battery to prevent sparking which may occur if a hot circuit is accidentally grounded. Makes sure to also use a wiring diagram which helps in identifying proper circuits which will in turn help to make the correct connections.

Beware of Electrical System Load

Whenever something new (such as customized motorcycle taillights are added) there is going to be a greater load on the electrical system. In a few instances, the load may be more than the electrical system is able to handle. Therefore choose the tail lights with care and makes sure that the motorcycle’s electrical system can handle the addition of such an accessory.

Remember that installing customized motorcycle tail lights need not be a very complicated task. Even so, be prepared to handle cases such as having to extend or even supply wires with which to properly connect the taillight to the bike.