Wood Awning Window Maintenance Instructions

A wood awning window looks great and adds a lot of emphasis to a house. Like everything else, it will need maintenance. Having spent the money on a wood awning window, keeping it in good condition is simply a good way of looking after your investment.


With a wood awning window you’re very lucky, inasmuch as you can clean both sides of the window from the inside. For the glass use a good quality glass cleaner, and flip over the window after you’ve cleaned the inside so you can tackle the outside.

For the wood frame you can use a mild solution of detergent and water to take off the dirt. This won’t mar the finish on the wood. If the finish is worn, however, you should be prepared to strip and refinish it. This will greatly lengthen the life of your window.


You need to check the hardware on the wood awning window regularly. If parts have become worn, order replacements and install them. This way your window will remain properly usable.

Make sure the glass is secure in the window. When you look at the outside of the window, inspect the wood for any signs of rot, and that the window opens, closes, and locks without any problems.