Wood Cornice Boards for Windows

Adding a wood cornice is a simple and inexpensive way of improving the home décor. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire a professional and get it done, these cornices for windows, if neatly done, can add a touch of elegance to the home interior.

What Are Cornice Boards?

A window cornice is a frame constructed of wood or other materials that is hanged on the top of the window. The window cornice conceals a rod to which curtains hang. Wood cornice boards for windows add a charming look to the windows and the entire room, thereby improving the aesthetic value of the home.

Materials Used in Making Wood Cornice

Making wood cornice boards does not require high quality wood. The commonly used wood for making cornice boards are MDF or plywood. It is better to avoid very cheap quality wood such as particle boards since they are easily prone to damage and will need to be replaced within a short span. The other materials that are required to decorate the cornice board are fabric or paint, decorative items like toys, flowers, beads, etc.

Take Proper Measurements

One of the important considerations is to have proper measurements which best suit the windows as well as room. The height of the wood cornice must compliment the look of the window. Too short or too long cornices may degrade the look of the entire room. Also, the width of the window cornice needs to be a few inches more than the width of the window. Choose proper measurements that make the room appealing. Cornice boards that are too massive or too small for a room, will detract from the room’s aesthetics.

Choosing the Right Design and Color

Wood Cornices can be of various designs, simple wood covered with decorative fabric, painted wooden board or shaped bottom cornice board. Determine what best suits the window, room and the walls of the window. Simple cornice board covered with a decorative fabric adds a decent look to the room. The fabric chosen coordinate with the walls and curtains. The same fabric, if used for cornice boards and curtains adds a rich look to the living rooms. Living rooms also look best with shaped bottom cornice boards which come in a variety of artistic shapes. Bed rooms and kitchens look great with bright colors. Painted cornice boards also add an attractive look to the entire house, especially to the children’s rooms. Additional decorative stuff glued to the cornice boards adds a charming look to the house; however, any decoration, if overdone may spoil the appeal of the room and make the cornice board look too heavy.


Maintaining the window cornice boards is quite easy. All that is required is cleaning the cornices of dust and dirt regularly. If using cleaning liquids for cleaning the wood cornices, it is necessary to use with caution since some liquids may cause discoloration. Check frequently if the decorative items are well attached to the cornice board. If not, reglue them. With proper maintenance, wood cornice boards can continue to add beauty to the house for a long time.