Wood Deck Railings for Privacy

What You'll Need
2 by 4s
2 by 4 planks; 1/4 inch thick
Tape measure
Metal brackets

Wood deck railings are a very important feature to have when you have a deck on your property. Not only do wood deck railings offer protection but are also decorative. Privacy is a concern when on your deck if you do not want people watching you. It’s possible to build a wood deck railing with privacy in mind. The information below will show you how to build privacy wood deck railings.

Step 1 – Measurements

A deck can be any size that you want it to be and the railings will follow the same idea. Regular materials used to build wood deck railings cannot be used because they are too small. Measure the length of all sides of the deck. The height of the wood deck railing is up to you but a general height is roughly 3 feet. Using a 2 by 4 at full height will be taller by about a foot. You can cut these down if you want something not as tall. For this basic railing you will need 2 by 4s for the top and bottom of the railing to work as supports, 2 by 4s for the middle and then 2 by 4s in order to make the wood deck railing private. When you buy wood keep in mind you are better off with more wood than not enough.

Step 2 – Build the Frame

The frame is relatively easy to build and consists of 2 by 4 for the top and bottom. The center posts are also 2 by 4 for support of the frame. Once you add the privacy boards it will be incredibly strong. Place one 2 by 4 on a flat surface. Nail one 2 by 4 at each end of the 2 by 4 so that it is standing on end. The 2 by 4 should also be orientated so that the thinnest part is facing the front and the back of the deck. Hammer the nails in at an angle (this is called “toe nailing”). Use the tape measure and every foot place a mark. You will place more 2 by 4s at these marks in the same manner as the end pieces. Once these are in place put a 2 by 4 on top and nail in place by toe nailing them as well as directly through the top of the 2 by 4. Lay the frame down and add several nails through the bottom through each brace. Your wood deck railing frame is now complete.

Step 3 – Attach to the Deck

Place the assembled base on the deck where you want it to be. Make sure it is even with the outer edge of the deck and start nailing it in place using the toe nail technique. From under the deck secure the wood deck railing with metal brackets.

Step 4 – Privacy Slats

Place a slat at each side inside the deck and nail in place to the top and bottom 2 by 4s. Measure the width of the slaps and place a new one spaced apart at that distance. Repeat on the outside of the wood deck railing but between the spaces.