Wood Door Threshold vs. Fiberglass Door Threshold

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When deciding whether you should buy a fiberglass or a wood door threshold, there are a few factors that you can keep in mind. Here is a little information that can help to make a decision.


Wood is a cheaper option upfront when it is put up against fiberglass. In the long run however, you will need to finish wood to make it easier to clean and keep it longer, so you will have costs in the future.


While wood thresholds are certainly durable, they typically need to be coated to be extremely resistant. Because of this, the fiberglass threshold is usually the more durable option between the two.


Each of these thresholds needs to be maintained and cleaned like any other aspect of your home. While fiberglass is easy to wipe off and clean, it may take a little bit of work for wood. Wood will give you a fresh and natural look, but that look tends to get more dirt stuck in it which is harder to get it out. If you do have a finish on it though, they are almost equal when it comes to maintenance.