Wood Door Threshold vs. Metal Door Threshold

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There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing between a wooden door threshold and a metal door threshold in your new home or when replacing a threshold in an older home. The threshold of the door is the sloping piece of wood that spans the bottom of the entire bottom of the door and usually has a piece of weatherstripping to bridge the gap between the floor and your door.

Wooden Door Thresholds

If you go with wood you will have a variety of beautiful hardwoods to choose from. You can make your threshold look elegant and give a warm feel to your doorway. You can choose any particular grain and hue of wood that you like. Also wood is very easy to cut into place and to sand down problem areas.

Metal Door Threshold

If you go with a metal door threshold you will have a threshold that will last a lifetime. It will prove a bit more difficult to cut and adjust than the wood door threshold, however, with the right tools, you should have no problem. A metal door threshold will not be damaged as easily and will also not have the eventual problem of wood rot that a wooden threshold may have.