Wood Entry Doors: Installation And Maintenance

Wood entry doorsare a functional and attractive addition to a home that can add both aesthetic and monetary value to your house. While wood doors do require some maintenance and upkeep, if properly taken care of they can look good and last long.

Steps For Installing Wood Entry Doors

  1. First, if the door is not already stained or painted and you plan to do so, take this step before hanging the door.
  2. Adjust the height of the door to match your existing door frame. You can trim off the bottom of the door if necessary.
  3. Draw the template of the hinges on the door and notch it out so the hinge sits flush with the edge of the door.
  4. Pre-drill the necessary screw holes for the new hinges.
  5. Attach the hinges to your new wood entry door.
  6. Line the hinges up with the existing hinges on the door frame. If possible, use two or more people for this step so you can keep the door steady.
  7. Insert the pins through the eyes of the interlocked hinges.
  8. Install the accessory door hardware, such as the locking mechanism and door knob.

Maintaining Wood Entry Doors

  1. Periodically check the door for proper operation and smooth performance. If necessary, adjust hinges or hardware.
  2. Inspect the finishing on the door, especially if it is an exterior door, at least once a year. If the finish appears to be worn or cracked, add a new coat of sealant or a finishing coat to help keep it protected.