Wood Fence Paint: Knowing the Wood

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  • 2-40 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-300

Wood fence paint will vary depending on the type of wood you are working with. Some types of wood take paint and stains more easily than others. Here are a few things you should make yourself aware of when you go to paint a wooden fence.

White Woods

White woods tend to be the most common types of woods used in the western regions of the US for fencing. If you have a fence made of pine, spruce, fir, or some types of cedar, painting will be simple. The wood is porous, and will need to be treated before painting. A simple primer will be enough. These types of wood fences readily take stains without any problems.

Yellow Pine and Red Cedar

Yellow pine is popular because it's inexpensive. Cedar is common because it looks great untreated and is durable. These types of fences will need to be sanded before they can be stained. It's not always necessary to prime this type of fencing before painting, but if you want completely even coverage it's a good idea. These kinds of woods can have soft spots that will absorb more paint, resulting in an uneven finish.