Wood Floor Wax: Not for Laminate Flooring

Many people try to use wood floor wax on laminate flooring. While this might seem like it would make sense, it is not a good idea. Here are a few things to consider about why you should not use wood floor wax on laminate flooring.

Will Not Penetrate

When you put wax on a wood floor, one of the reasons that it works so well is that it penetrates the surface of the floor. Wood is a natural product and it has room for the wax to penetrate down into it. Laminate will not allow anything to penetrate through the top layer. The top layer of laminate is much like a plastic that will not allow moisture or anything else to get through it. Therefore, the wax is going to sit on top of the surface of the floor.


If you do try to put wood floor wax on top of your laminate flooring, you are going to notice that it will leave streaks all across the floor. You will have a hard time getting the streaks off the flooring. Once you apply the wax, you might find that you are stuck with this look.