Wood Interior Sunroom Conservatory - Victorian Design

A sunroom conservatory.

A Victorian sunroom conservatory is a variation on a traditional conservatory. This style entails a frame using a variety of wood types, including oak, cedar, maple, fir, and mahogany. This type of English-style sunroom features maximum insulation and has a really elegant look and feel.

Victorian Sunroom Characteristics

Victorian sunroom conservatories are generally topped with a decorative finial and put together with equally segmented windows, making a stunning geometrical shape. This style of conservatory sunroom works great on both modern and Victorian homes, and is particularly good if you want a lot of light for gardening, reading, or just enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your home.


The cost of constructing a Victorian sunroom depends greatly on what materials you use and the size of the room. Often financial considerations are the deciding factor when determining these elements. For a Victorian sunroom that is more traditional, you will want to spend the money on the wood framing that is so indicative of the era. However, if that is not within your budget, many companies offer a Victorian-style sunroom package that includes metal framing instead of wood, which may be a better fit if you have a more limited budget.