Wood Mildew: Cleaning Mildew from Wood Trim

Finding mildew on wood is something that is not that uncommon when there is a lot of moisture and humidity present in your home or in a section of it. The most common places to find mildew on wood in the home are in the attic and the basement. If you are finding mildew on wood trim then that will likely lead to an insulation problem. This is the usual issue as moisture is getting inside the home where it should not. Removing mildew from wood is important because if it is left unchecked the mildew can spread cause wood rot and lead to mold. Removing mildew from wood is not difficult and the following article will share with you several tips on how to effectively do it.

1. Remove the Trim

When you spot mildew on the wood trim the first thought to come to mind is to quickly remove the mildew. This may work in the short term but it may not be effective in the long run as mildew can be present behind the trim. If this is the case it can spread to the rest of the door, to joists and so on. Removing wood trim is easily accomplished with a small pry bar. Once the wood trim is off the door you can inspect it for mildew on the side of the trim that was flush to the house and also in the areas behind the trim. You are better safe than sorry. Once you clean the wood trim you can replace it with small tack nails.

2. Scrubbing

Mildew on wood can adhere itself in numerous ways but is typically found on the top layer of the wood. It only begins to go deeper when it begins to change to mold. Mildew is often scrubbed with a brush to remove it but this could actually make it worse. Scrubbing the wood can cause the paint to be removed or small divots to appear. Mildew will be worked deeper into the wood trim instead of being removed. You have to take a milder approach to the process and use something soft like a sponge or clan towel. After your cleaning solution attacks the mildew you can simply wipe it away without damaging the wood trim.

3. Paint the Wood Trim

Mildew will feed off of the oil in the wood but it cannot do this if the wood has been painted. Doing so will not only kill mildew but prevent it from appearing again. The same can be said if you use polyurethane.

4. Use Vinegar and Lemon

Cleaning mildew from wood trim does not have to involve dangerous chemicals as there are plenty of household items that can do the trick for you. Vinegar is one such product followed by a lemon. The high acidity in both these products can attack the mildew at its base level. After you combine the two and water it down slightly you simply spray the mildew with it. After several minutes you can wipe it off.