Wood Paint

Using wood paint can be very tricky sometimes. Many times people find out too late that they have forgotten a step and all their hard work is chipping away. Here are a set of instructions for using wood paint on just about any wood surface.

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Step 1: Prep by removing hinges, taping off glass or walls, removing chipping paint, and covering the painting area with newspaper.

Step 2: Wood paint will not stick very well to old paint or stains. You will have to sand down the wood to reveal a new surface, but you do not necessarily have to sand through all of the layers.

Step 3: Wipe off any dust or dirt that remains and dry the wood.

Step 4: Apply a primer and let dry.

Step 5: Use one or two coats of wood paint with a fine haired or foam brush. And let dry.

Tips for Using Wood Paint

For high traffic areas, you may want to use at least two coats of wood paint and a finish to prevent it from rubbing off. To make sure the wood paint is dry, touch your finger lightly to a hidden spot. Cover your hands and arms with baby oil before handling to help the paint wash off.

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