Wood Panel

Wood panel installation is an option for wall covering when a homeowner does not want to use sheetrock. Wood paneling can range from inexpensive veneer sheets to solid wood. Either way, the treatment of wood panels is considerably different than when cleaning and maintaining sheetrock. 

How to Restore a Wood Panel

You may restore a wood panel on your wall as you would any other wood item. If the panel is severely damaged, strip the finishing using a suitable wood stripper, then sand and fill the holes or gouges with wood filler. Next, you will stain the panel with a color of your choice; and finally, you apply a finish such as varnish or other durable wood finish.

How to Clean a Wood Panel

Cleaning wood paneling is slightly different than cleaning other wall surfaces in that you never want to get the wood panel saturated with water. Dust the surface of the wood panel regularly, and when a deeper cleaning is required, use mild soap and water to wash the panel surface. Treat with a furniture polish to restore the luster
Wood paneling is a lovely alternative to sheetrock and with a little TLC your panels will retain their beauty for many years.