Wooden Curtain Rings vs Metal Curtain Rings

curtains hanging on rod with wooden rings

To hang curtains, you have the choice of using plastic, metal, or wooden curtain rings. Each type is available in various sizes in proportion to the thickness of the pole on which they glide. Wooden styles come in finished or unfinished wood to suit any décor and add elegance and aesthetic appeal to any room. Metal rings come in many different varieties and finishes, and they are extremely durable.

Wooden Curtain Rings

They are very affordable, and you can buy any extras you may need from most hardware stores and online. They are easy to keep in good condition as you can clean them with any wood polish, and they also can be waxed along with the curtain pole, so they glide easier without causing any friction. Some wooden rings have a carved leaf or weave pattern, which adds an extra decorative touch. You can also put extra rings to use in other DIY projects: often used in various arts and crafts projects, or something as simple as acting as a napkin holder. Do not put metal or plastic rings on wooden rods as it spoils the decorative effect drastically. Large wooden rings on a pole that fits their proportions really make any window treatment stand out.

One disadvantage to wooden poles and rings is that they are not suitable for heavy drapes; they support comfortably only light and medium-weight materials. They also tend to wear out with time, and one has to watch for woodworm or termites.

Metal Curtain Rings

Metal rings are made of sturdier materials, like stainless steel, brass, iron, and nickel. They are more expensive than wooden rings, but they need little or no maintenance except for an occasional dusting or a wipe with a slightly damp cloth. You can do this every time the curtains need to be laundered or dry-cleaned. Most are made of non-corrosive elements—they also use shower curtains, a place of water and steam, which is certainly not the ideal place for wooden rings. You can buy rings manufactured with a plastic lining which allows a smoother gliding action when opening or closing curtains.

If using brass rings and poles, you have to treat them first with a sealer like clear urethane. Otherwise, your curtains could get tarnish stains.

Summing Up

Wooden rings and poles, especially if the wood is unfinished, have all the natural world's beauty and can easily end up being a work of art in itself. Treated wood comes in various shades and tints from neutral to deepest mahogany and can fit in any room or compliment any curtain material. They can be treated against termites and woodworm so that that disadvantage would be under control. You can also repair them if they break or are damaged.

Various shades and tints are also found in metal rings—they come in fancy designs like ceramic flowers, abstract art figures, fancy animals, etc. Like wooden rings, they also can be used for D.I.Y projects to decorate your rooms.

Finally, choosing metal or wooden rings for your curtains depends on three main factors: the décor, what the room is used for, and your good taste.