Wooden Flooring Cost Estimation

What You'll Need
Tape measure

Having wooden flooring installed is something that a lot of homeowners wish they could do. Wood floor presents you with a look that you just can't get from anything else. It adds value to the home and it makes you proud of your house. It comes in a variety of styles and colors. However, the one deterrent for most people is the cost. Wooden flooring is one of the most expensive options that you could choose. With such a big purchase, you will undoubtedly want to get an accurate cost estimate before you proceed. Here are the basics of how to get an estimate of the cost of hardwood floor.

Step 1: Determine Your Square Footage

When you want to get an accurate estimate of what wooden flooring will cost, you first need to see how many square feet you want to cover. You can get all of the square footage pricing you want, but without your square footage, it means nothing. Use your tape measure to get the dimensions of the room. Multiply the two dimensions together and that will give you your square footage. Add about 5% for waste if you're having it professionally installed. If you're doing it yourself, you should probably add about 10% waste. 

Step 2: Determine What You Want

When shopping for wood, you need to know exactly what you want. If you just tell someone that you want a wood floor, that could mean one of a million different options. There are many different species, grains, board widths, finishes and textures. You need to figure out exactly what you like before you can get a price on it. Do some research online and look at pictures to determine what style you want. 

Step 3: Shop around

Once you determine exactly what you're looking for, you should visit a few different retailers in the area. Each retailer will have different specials and different things that they carry. In order to find a good deal, you should shop around as much as possible. 

Step 4: Speak with an Estimator

At every flooring retailer, there will be someone there that can help you come up with an estimate of the cost. Find out who can help you and then start asking questions. Tell them the wood that you want, how many square feet you have, and what you want done. Let them know all the specifics of the job. They will need to know if there is furniture to move, flooring to remove and any other specific things involved. They will want to know what your sub floor is made out of as well. They should be able to calculate a rough price for you.

Step 5: Have an Estimate Done

The company will then send an estimator over to your house to give you an official quote. They will measure everything and give you a total price. You are under no obligation to purchase at this point. Therefore, if you want, you can get multiple quotes. This will give you a great idea of how much everything will cost.