Wooden vs. Plastic Sheds

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Exterior utility sheds are used to store household possessions, there are wooden and plastic shed available. Many homes or property planners would agree that when you're talking about wooden versus plastic sheds, you are generally talking about aesthetic qualities and adaptability versus clean and easy maintenance. This can be a complicated choice, and making the right decision involves thinking about how you will handle maintenance in the long run, as well as why you are adding an outbuilding to your property.

Wooden Sheds

Many buyers are attracted to wooden sheds, partly because of their unique visual appeal, and partly because of their natural construction. Those who still enjoy the ancient art of carpentry prefer wooden structures that they can adapt based on changing needs. Also, they can customize the shed to their own construction ideas. Others like to include impressive wooden structures on their property so that their sheds and other elements can blend in with the overall exterior design. Buyers looking for the premier options in outdoor structures might furnish their properties with elaborate cedar designs or other visually appealing wood choices.

Plastic Sheds

A plastic shed may not have the same adaptable quality as a naturally built, wood-frame shed. However, for property owners who may not be able to maintain their outbuildings on a regular basis, plastic may provide a better visual result in the long run. These sheds are specifically designed to stand up to the elements, and many are weatherproofed effectively so that rainwater does not get inside the structure of the shed. With many wood designs, different parts of the shed can rot, swell, crack or otherwise become damaged by exposure to rainwater. Most plastic sheds are resistant to water and other harsh elements and, as a result, are often chosen for their durability.

The Buyer

When you own a property, design choices are often made with attention to a future buyer. In this case, those considering the acquisition of an outdoor shed can think about what most fits the overall property design or the “package” that they will offer to the buyer. A plastic shed may not fit in with a historic themed property or a home with a specific dated visual design. At the same time, a wooden shed may not be the right choice for a lower value property package. Each individual property owner can think about what will look best in the back yard at a future time.

In addition to wooden and plastic shed models, metal sheds are available, where weather-resistant tin or other materials may make appealing options. Some choose to buy wooden sheds equipped with tin roofing, or other combinations with the above ideas of athletic appeal, durability, and maintenance in mind.