Wooden vs. Plastic Window Shutters

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Plastic window shutters have earned a distinct place in the heart and mind of homeowners, due to the low cost compared to traditional wood. But the overall cost should not be your sole consideration for the purpose. It all depends on the type of window or enclosure, and the place where the shutters will be installed.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are still the preferred choice of traditional homeowners as they give off a warm, homey feel to any room and window in the house. Wood shutters are considerably more expensive than comparable plastic or vinyl shutters, but they do provide a more authentic look. Wood is relatively easy to stain or paint and can be color-matched depending on the interior theme of your home.

Wood shutters are also capable of offering larger panels, that permits more light to pass through the window. They also come in a variety of louver sizes and are easy to clean as well.

As mentioned above, the major disadvantage of wood shutters is the cost. Understand that traditional wood shutters will cost at least 10 to 40 percent more than comparable vinyl or plastic shutters. Wood also takes a lot of time to manufacture, and is prone to early deterioration when not treated properly. In fact, if you install wooden window shutters in places of extreme humidity or moisture (such as near the pool or shower enclosures) then you are better off using plastic window shutters, as wood will deteriorate rapidly in moist conditions.

Plastic Window Shutters

Plastic or vinyl window shutters are more practical in nature. They are easy to manufacture and relatively easy to clean as well. They are more resilient to cracking, fading, and discoloration, even when used in places of extreme humidity or temperature. Most types of plastic shutters are flame retardant and provide better insulation than traditional wooden shutters. Vinyl or plastic shutters of the highest quality are also resistant to scratches and dents as a result of misuse.

Perhaps the single most important factor to consider is the price. Although plastic shutters may be limited in louver size, the attractive price tag and low maintenance capabilities make them the shutter of choice for the modern homeowner. Keep in mind that plastic shutters may require additional divider rails depending on the size.

The choice is entirely up to you. If you happen to live in an old house or would like to add a degree of authenticity to the overall look, then wooden window shutters should be your preferred choice. These shutters are also easy to clean and do not require the installation of added divider rails. If you want a more modern look to your home, along with the added guarantee of durability, reliability, and low cost, then plastic window shutters are best for you. If you want your home to exude a more traditional look, however, you may opt for wooden window shutters, and have them painted according to your color preferences.