Wool Rug Cleaning Tips

A wool rug.

Wool rugs are a beautiful addition to a home, but a wool rug requires cleaning to prevent damage to the rug. Their outstanding natural comfort creates arguably the best type of rug in existence, but they can become damaged if not cleaned properly.

Proper Rug Maintenance

Particularly in the first year or two of a rug's lifespan, it is especially important to vacuum the regular dust and dirt off of the rug frequently. Weekly or bi-weekly vacuuming can safely extend the time between rug cleanings. Treat any stains on the rug as soon as possible.

Dry or Wet Cleaning?

Generally, dry or low-moisture rug cleaning is the best choice for a wool rug. Wet cleanings or cleanings involving heat should only be attempted by professional rug cleaners. Do not rub carelessly or harshly at a stain, as you could permanently damage the rug.

Test the Chemicals

Before applying any chemicals or cleaning agents, test a small and inconspicuous area of the rug to see how it will be affected. Wool rugs are particularly sensitive and can be stained or bleached by some types of chemicals.