Wool vs. Cotton Braided Rugs: Durability and Cleaning

Cotton braided rugs as well as those made of wool are both durable and can last for many years. The question then is which is best and easiest to maintain?

Cotton Braided Rugs

Some things to consider when deciding if you should use cotton for your braided rugs:

  • Pros
    • These rugs are comfortable and easy to maintain;
    • They will last a very long time and will hold their color well.
  • Cons
    • They will soak up water rather than repel it;
    • Dirt and grime tend to be harder to get out.

Wool Braided Rugs

Wool braided rugs, like cotton, are very durable but they require different care and maintenance:

  • Pros
    • The rugs are easier perhaps to maintain than the cotton braided rug;
    • They are resistant to dirt.
  • Cons
    • You should never use very hot water when cleaning a wool rug as it affects the durability of the rug and can become susceptible to falling apart;
    • You must take special care to ensure that the rug is laying completely flat to dry to prevent it curling up.

Which Rug is the Best?

The rug that will be the best for you is relative to what appeals to you. It seems, however, that the wool braided rug is better in the sense that it resists dirt and would likely have to be cleaned less often. Thus, it will be easier to maintain than a cotton braided rug.