Marble Tips and DIY Beauty Secrets

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The use of a marble slab in home construction can be an expensive proposition. Therefore, maintaining your marble accents is an important function to preserve not only its beauty but its integrity too. Cleaning marble slabs is not a very difficult task, in fact, the ease of maintenance makes marble use that much more popular. Due to the costly investment in marble countertops, flooring, tile walls, and decorative structures that a homeowner makes, special care is also a wise investment to keep its beauty and shine aglow.

Ways to Maintain Marble Slab

Since some types of marble are porous, they have a tendency to soak up all liquid dropped or splattered upon it. The use of acid-based cleaners usually ends up causing unwanted scratches denigrating the beauty of the stone immensely. Acids, vinegar, or other rough-type cleaning products should never be used to clean marble. Use a neutral PH product and remember these suggestions

You should treat the marble in your home as if it were expensive furniture. Never place a drinking glass directly on the surface because a spill could cause costly damage if not attended to too quickly. Always use a coaster just as you would on a wooden table. Also, if a spill occurs, clean it immediately.

Always use a terry cloth material, and apply lukewarm water to immediately remove a spill. Never use hot water. When conducting periodic cleaning, use a mild detergent and avoid scrubbing action.

Polishing marble is an excellent method for keeping a constant shine on it. Always use either a terry cloth or paper towels. If you desire, commercially available marble polish will do a great job. But, use a high-end polish avoiding inexpensive products that may, in fact, cause damage rather than help.

Occasionally, small repairs to your marble might be necessary if chips and stains occur that can’t be easily buffed away. Marble repair kits, much like furniture and leather repair kits, can be purchased that will allow small repairs. For larger areas, replacement may be needed. This is an expensive proposition, so conducting regular marble maintenance will help avoid costly repairs.

Be careful with drinks when congregating around marble accents and other decorative structures. Liquids such as all types of citrus juices, beer, wine, coffee, and tea can be very harmful if spilled. Clean these liquids with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide mixed with just a few drops of ammonia. Rub the marble gently using a clean terry cloth until the liquid is removed and the shine returns. Try to avoid spilling cooking oils and other oil-based liquids. These need to be removed immediately using a soft cloth with a mild soap.

If you make cleaning your marble a regular habit and provide everyday protection like drink coasters and other guards, you will not only protect your valuable investment, you increase the beauty of your home. It takes a little focus but is well worth the time considering the amount of money you’ve spent on your marble accents.

Make regular marble cleaning your habit in order to keep your marble glowing for years to come.