How to Install Synthetic Stucco

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Using synthetic stucco is a quick and easy way to increase the beauty of the outside of your home. Follow these steps to complete a successful project.

Step 1 - Buy Pre-mixed Product

Synthetic stucco is applied in two coats — a base and a finishing coat. It is easiest to purchase a pre-mixed product to save time.

Step 2 - Install Insulation Board

Use a 1 inch insulation board that is fiber based to avoid having to put mesh over it. Install the board with ceramic screws and plastic washers.

Step 3 - Add Protective Coat

Apply a layer of base coat after installing the insulation board. Work plastic mesh into the base coat with a knife and let it dry overnight.

Step 4 - Add Base Coat

Apply a ½ inch base coat over the entire surface area. Give it 24 hours to dry.

Step 5 - Add Finishing Coat

Once the base coat is thoroughly dried, apply a thin finishing coat. Once this layer begins to set, you can pattern it using a trowel flat against the surface area.

Step 6 - Install Trim

Keep in mind that the finishing coat of stucco needs ample time to dry before you can install trim and molding.

Always use rubber gloves when working with synthetic stucco. Hose away any excessive stucco before it hardens.