Wrap Wooden Table Tops with Linen for a New Look

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What You'll Need
Ironing starch
Polyurethane base
Safety blade
4 Bristle brush
2 Soft cloths
Furniture wax

An inexpensive but charming way to renovate an old wooden table top is to wrap it with linen. Follow the procedure below to give your wooden table top a new look.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the table top, and cut the linen slightly larger, adding an extra two inches all round. Spray the linen with iron-on starch, and using a very hot iron, press it until it is really smooth.

Step 2 - Apply Polyurethane

paint can and foam brush

Using the brush, apply the polyurethane base to the table top, making sure you miss no section of it. You can safely use polyurethane for your table, as it is water based and leaves no toxic fumes.

Beware that the application of the base and the final wax will darken the linen as you work it in, but it will lighten up in color as soon as it dries. if you prefer a light shade for your table top, use white or light-colored linen.

Step 3 - Hot Press With an Iron

With a really hot iron, press the linen so that it adheres permanently to the table top. The polyurethane might mark the underside of your iron, so wipe it immediately as you work, otherwise it might stick permanently and you won’t be able to remove it once dry. Better still, use an old iron which you specifically use for craft projects if you have one.

Step 4 - Cut The Corners

Pile of rolled fabrics

Using scissors, cut the corners of the linen to create neat V-shaped corners. Next, apply the polyurethane base to the corners and to the table sides. Press the material to the wood with your iron, just like for the top, and then trim the excess material with the safety blade. You can buy a safety blade from any hardware store or sewing center. It will protect your hands from getting nicked, as only one cutting edge of the blade is exposed and the rest is sheathed in plastic.

Step 5 - Apply Protective Coating

At this point your table top is firmly covered with the linen fabric, but being fabric, it can easily absorb stains. For this reason, it is best to apply about three or four coats of the polyurethane base to the table top and sides in order to make it waterproof and resistant to stains. Leave each coat to dry completely before applying the next.

Step 6 - Apply Wax

Finally, finish off the surface with furniture wax, using a soft cloth. When it is dry, use another soft cloth to buff the table top and sides for a really nice shiny finish. You can either use a basic clear wax or a slightly darker wax, which will enhance the woven threads of your linen wrapped table top.