You Recycle Everything Else -- Why Not Your Clothes?

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Stop! Don't do it! Don't throw away your used clothing just because there is a hole in the knee, a couple missing buttons or because you don't wear it anymore. There are other means available for disposal where you might be able to donate, sell or re-coup their worth. It's a win-win situation.


Why not donate your clothes. At least you will have the knowledge that someone else can get some happiness out of them. There are many places that accept donations; the Goodwill, Salvation Army and local thrift stores run by churches or hospitals are all willing to take used clothing off your hands. Before donating, wash the garments (it’s only right).


There are many crafters out there that would kill for extra buttons or squares of cloth. Crafters are very imaginative and have tons of ideas. Even if they don’t have an immediate use for the items, they will “harvest” from old clothes to build their stock pile for when they do need it. (Harvesting means they remove all the buttons and zippers and cut the good pieces of fabric into squares for later use).


Almost anything can be re-purposed. A stuffed pillow case can become a dog bed. A tank top sewn closed on the bottom can make a reusable shopping bag (the shoulder straps become the handle). Your child’s favorite clothes can be cut into squares for a quilt. The possibilities are endless.

My great grandmother made a wedding quilt from squares of cloth cut from my parents’ childhood clothing. Many years later my mother took this quilt and cut it in half to make my sister and me a quilt. She put in new filling and added new backing and sewed this to all the original squares. It is displayed as an heirloom now. If you aren’t that handy, find someone willing to make it for you.

Too good to give away?

What about the clothes that are just taking up space? You don’t wear them anymore, but they cost you a bundle. There a couple solutions for that. If you have a consignment shop in your area, see what they will take off your hands. But be careful to check references. Make sure they are creditable and will give you your cut when the items sell.

There are plenty of places on the Internet that will buy your slightly worn clothing. Some even send you a bag to ship them in, such as thredUP. Read their instructions thoroughly. The clothes they are looking for have to be name-brand. It works like a consignment shop--it’s just online. You can also sell your clothes on sites like eBay and Poshmark.

Recycling has become a way of life for the “green” conscious. Don’t fill up the landfills. Re-use, re-claim, re-purpose and re-cycle! It’s my new motto!