You Too Can Repair a Sliding Glass Door

There are a number of things that can go wrong with a sliding glass door, which can prevent it from working as it should and sliding smoothly. Fortunately, many of these things are easy for the average do-it-yourself homeowner to repair.

How to Repair Sliding Glass Door Rollers

One common repair that is often necessary with a sliding glass door involves the rollers. When this happens, the door no longer opens and closes smoothly, and there is often a grinding sound that can be heard from under the rollers. The first step to replacing the rollers is to remove the door. Sliding glass doors can be heavy and difficult to handle, so get somebody to help you, to avoid possible breakage and injury. In most cases, you can remove the door by adjusting the roller, and then lifting the door up, and swinging the bottom edge out to remove it.

Remove the roller assembly itself by using a screw driver to remove the frame/roller screw. Then, pry out the roller, and take it to the hardware store, so that you are sure to find an exact replacement. Install the new roller in the same fashion that you removed the old one. Clean the sliding door track while the door is removed, and then re-install the door.

How to Repair a Bent Track

Another common sliding glass door problem is a bent track. When the track of a sliding glass door becomes bent, the door no longer opens and closes smoothly, because it rubs against the track. This can also occur simply because dirt and grime has become lodged in the track, or because it needs lubrication. First, remove the door, following the instructions given above. Then examine the track to see if you can find any areas where it is bent. Use a block of wood and a hammer to tap the track wherever necessary to straighten the track.

You might need to put one block of wood inside the track, and then tap it on the outside of the track with a separate block of wood and hammer to get the sides of the track straight. Then, clean it well to remove any debris that has become lodged in the track. Protect the floor surface on either side of the track, and spray the track with some WD-40 lubricant, wiping with a paper towel to distribute and absorb any excess. Then, re-install the door.

Dealing with Broken Glass

Another repair that is sometimes necessary with sliding glass doors is a broken glass pane. Cracked glass can be dangerous, so this is a repair you will want to get done immediately. If the glass is simply chipped or has a small crack, you might be able to use a resin repair kit to fix it. However, if the crack is large, you will need to order an exact replacement glass pane, or get a glass pane cut to the proper dimensions. To remove the broken glass, remove the door from the track, and then unscrew the side panels on the door frame. Carefully remove the broken glass, replace it with the new glass, reassemble and then reinstall the door.