Your ADA Bathroom Installation Cost Guide

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Installing an ADA bathroom in a small business or in your home will really help those who are disabled to use the facility. These changes can be made rather easily without a lot of structural changes; however, the added benefits to you, as a business owner or a homeowner, more than justify the initial cost.

When installing an ADA bathroom, there are some changes that need to take place. The changes are necessary, but they do not need to be costly.

1. Access to Bathroom

The biggest cost consideration is in gaining access to the bathroom. If there is a small step in front of the bathroom, a ramp must be installed. If the bathroom is on the second floor, an elevator might be needed. Contact a local contractor for the cost on large projects.

2. Increase Size of Stall

ADA standards say at least one stall must be large enough for a wheelchair. The cost is minimal if little cosmetic work is needed.

3. Railings

You must place railings appropriately. These railing are simply bolted to the wall and cost between $50 and $60 per railing.

4. Shower Modifications

A contractor will need to give estimates on modifying the shower with large shower head, bench, and railings.