Your Chimney Inspection Checklist

A man works on a chimney.

Having a checklist for your chimney inspection will help successfully check for danger signs in your chimney. The attitude towards this task should be to stay alert and observant of any irregularities and danger signs. Here are a few suggestions for a chimney inspection.

1. Overall Chimney Condition

Check the overall condition of the chimney, both inside and out. Is it in good condition, or are there bricks that are about to fall out? Is your chimney showing signs that it is about to fall away from your house? If that is the case, you need to work on it immediately.

2. Chimney Components

Check that none of the fireplace and chimney components are missing. If any of the components are rusted or damaged, replace them.

3. Chimney Cap

Check whether the chimney cap is intact and functional. If it has any defects, consider repairing or replacing it.

4. Chimney Flues

Are your chimney flues in safe, functional condition, or are they damaged or blocked? Damaged chimney flues are very dangerous because they can leak gas into the house. This could start a fire. Watch out for any movement or cracks in your chimney. Also, check if any of your metal flues are rusting.

5. Chimney Flashing

Check the shingles and ensure that they are in place. If you notice any gap between the chimneys and the roof, you need to call a professional. Also check that there are no signs of leaks or water penetration near the chimney area.