Your Father's Day Shopping List

A Father's Day message on a work bench.

Your dad likes to get his hands dirty in the shop and around the house, which means you get to pick out Father’s Day gifts more fun than a new tie or a desk accessory. So, with Pop in mind, here are some options when you go shopping at the hardware store or home center.

An Adjustable Socket Wrench

Your Father's Day Shopping List, total socket wrench

Maybe he’s already got a socket set, but what if he could fit the whole set in his pocket? This adjustable Total Socket from Husky has a wheel like a crescent wrench that means it can fit all kinds of nuts and bolts, from 3/16 to 1-1/16-inch for SAE and 5mm to 27mm for Metric. That means it replaces up to 44 sockets.

A Good Book

Your Father's Day Shopping List, book, The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects

Sometimes, you run out of project ideas. When this happens to Dad, prompt him with The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects. Author Spike Carlsen has spent over 35 years designing and building outdoor and home improvement projects, and writing about them. His new book has detailed, easy to read directions for 76 projects, from a simple tool rack to a complete tool shed, including all kinds of tips on how to make the jobs easier.

A Mechanical Assistant

Your Father's Day Shopping List, jawhorse

No, not a robot, but since you can’t always lend your Dad a hand, get him a Jawhorse portable workstation. He can use it as a sawhorse, but it has a built in clamp that opens to 37 inches and uses a foot pedal to hold a work piece with a ton of force, so it’s not going to slip. That clamp and a wide, stable base, means he can trim a door, cut a 4x4 or bend metal without enlisting the help of an assistant.

A Cooler View

Your Father's Day Shopping List, LED work light

Power’s out and Dad’s gotta go down to the basement. If you’ve ever used a worklight you know they get hot – really hot. With a rechargeable, High Intensity Portable LED Worklight, he won’t burn himself or even break a sweat.