Your Gift Guide From Our Shop

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Do you have a DIYer on your list? (Is it you?) If you’re looking for something bring a smile to the face of your handy man or woman, here’s a few ideas based on some items we’ve actually been using in the shop.

This Brad Gun

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, brad gun, cordless nailer, Ryobi

Brad Gunn would be a good name for a tough PI, but in this case we’re talking about the Ryobi AirStrike 18GA Cordless Brad Nailer from their 18-volt ONE+ series. We’ve used it to put up molding and tack together all sorts of projects.

This Little Saw

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, DualSaw CS450

If your kind of DIY involves breaking down sheet goods, whether it’s plywood or sheet metal, the DualSaw CS450 is up to the task, especially if you’ve got limited space for tool storage. Transition from cutting wood to metal without swapping out blades. Get more details from the DualTools website.

This 3D Printer/Scanner

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, XYX DaVinci AiO1 3D printer scanner

The XYZ da Vinci 1.0 AiO 3D printer and scanner in one is the only consumer level machine that handles both scanning and printing. We used it to print small, hard to find parts for rebuilding projects, and also printed decorations, toys and other fun stuff.

This Electronic Brain

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, Belkin WeMo Maker

If you can work with wiring, you can attach the Belkin WeMo Maker to just about any low voltage device – and then you can control that device with an app on your smart phone. Turn a fan into a robot fan. Or take the blades off the fan and now it’s a servo motor. What will you make it do? (Robot butler WIP.)

These Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, Sengled Pulse Wireless Bluetooth JBL Speakers Dimmable LED

The Sengled Pulse Wireless Bluetooth JBL Speakers are also dimmable LED bulbs. They screw into any E26 socket (that’s your standard lamp or light fixture) and then you control them with a smartphone app. Suddenly, your stereo is invisible and never needs to be recharged.

This Smart Lighting System

Since you’re lighting your house with energy saving LEDs, take it to the next level with a Connected by TCP Smart Lighting System. Of course it can turn on and off your lights, but it’s also a plug-and-play smart house system that can run various timers for home security, an alarm clock, movie night or romantic dinner lighting.

This Food Dehydrator

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, Excalibur 5-Tray Clear Door Food Dehydrator

Once you’re into DIY you branch out from home improvement. Making your own jerky is a step in the right direction. Excalibur’s 5-Tray Clear Door Food Dehydrator can handle that plus dried fruit and nuts. You can even make ketchup leather.

This Little Vacuum

Your Gift Guide From Our Shop, Euroflex Monster 600XL vacuum

Once you’ve done your DIY, you’ve got to clean up. If you didn’t make a mess big enough for a shopvac, don’t bother hauling it out. The Euroflex Monster 600XL vacuum converts from a hand vac to a stick vac, so it can suck up the leavings of your project with ease, or blow them away, because it also converts to a blower.