Your Guide to Cheap Bathroom Vanity Mirrors


If you are remodeling your bathroom and want to save money, do so with a cheap bathroom vanity

Vanity Sets

If you are remodeling your entire bathroom or just the sink vanity area, an inexpensive mirror can include a vanity with a mirror assembly. Some of the most inexpensive vanity cabinet sets already include this feature because bathroom mirrors above the sink have become a standard in bathroom design.

Very often, these mirrors are extremely easy to attach to the vanity cabinet and attaching them to the wall is often simply a matter of correctly positioning the mirror in place and then screwing in the mirror clips to the wall.

Flea Markets

Another wonderful source for creative and inexpensive bathroom vanity mirrors is flea markets. Vanity mirrors do not have to be directly attached to the vanity cabinet. They can be unique and distinctive when installed above the sink vanity cabinet.

You can find unusual framed mirrors at many flea and antique markets if you are willing to spend the time poking through all the stands and booths. You may be surprised to discover that you can pick up a mirror that someone has decided to part with for just a few dollars. It can be an especially great and inexpensive option if you have a eclectic decorating style or are creating a vintage or antique bathroom.

Repurposed Mirrors

Another way to create a cheap bathroom vanity mirror is to use a basic mirror. You can find simple glass mirrors at almost any discount store or home improvement retail center. You can also find them at mirror stores. It is certainly possible to take a mirror that has been used in a bedroom or a living room and place it in the bathroom above the sink vanity.

Mirror Frames

You can change the appearance of a mirror if you want to completely repurpose it. A simple wood frame can compliment a beautiful arts and crafts bathroom; an ornate frame can add to vintage antique bathroom décor. You can find inexpensive frames at many discount centers and might even be able to pick one up for a few dollars at a flea market or street fair.