Your Guide To Making A Bottle Wall

What You'll Need
Empty bottles (They can be of wine, beer, soda, or anything of your choice. Size is not important, either.)
Dyed water (If wanting to use a color scheme.)
Soap and water (To clean surfaces.)
Industrial adhesive (For applying the bottles themselves to the wall.)
Paint and painting materials (For preparing the wall behind the bottles.)
Pencil (For tracing and marking the design.)

This is an easy guide to making a bottle wall from unique bottles. It adds an interesting personal touch to any home and can be a conversation starter when hosting guests.

Step 1: Clean Bottles Thoroughly

It is your prerogative if you want to leave the labels on the bottles or not. Leaving the labels on can be a great way to showcase a collection of beverages drank. They also add color to the room and can be conversation starters. Since labels often tell the story, it is probably best to leave them on. Cleaning the bottle prevents gunk, mold, and other bacteria from building up over time.

Step 2: Fill the Bottles with Water

Fill bottles to their desired level with dyed water. Be sure to cork or cap the bottles so the water does not spill out over time. Use different colors to spice up the room.

Step 3: Clean the Wall

Be sure to leave a clean, dry area in order to create a good surface for adhesion. Painting the wall behind it a neutral color will also help bring out the color of the dyed water in the bottles.

Step 4: Trace the Design

Trace the design you have in mind on the blank wall. Before you even begin placing bottles on the wall, work out the design you have in mind. Since you are using industrial adhesive it will be difficult to move the bottles once they are placed. Mark clearly where you want each bottle before gluing it.

Step 5: Use Adhesive

Put adhesive on bottles, label side facing away from the wall. Once the paint is dry, you are ready to begin gluing the bottles to the wall. A solid industrial adhesive will keep the bottles sticking to the wall for a long time. Be sure not to overfill the bottles if using a dyed water scheme in them, as weight of the water will need to be accounted for. The more water that is in the bottles, the more adhesive will be needed on the side that will stick to the wall.

Step 6: Glue Bottles in Place

Glue the bottles to the wall. Be sure that the adhesive firmly sticks to the surface of the wall before taking your hands away. It may take some time to firmly dry, but after a few moments you should be able to move on to the next bottle. Repeat as necessary until the design is complete.

Step 7: Allow To Dry

Allow the adhesive at least 24 hours to dry. Experiment with lighting the room to achieve the full desired effect. Different lighting will give a completely different look to your wall.

A bottle wall is a neat way to add a personal touch to a garden or an indoor room. You also help save the landfills from non-recycled bottles!