Your Guide To Pruning African Daisies

To keep your African daisies healthy and providing new blossoms you will need to prune them from time to time. Pruning is the process of removing dying leaves and cutting the plants back to a more manageable size. African daisies can grow quite aggressively and quickly take over a yard. Pruning will keep it under control and keep it healthy.

Prune Young Plants with Fingers

When the plants are young you should prune them to keep the bottom bushes full. Use your finger tips and pinch of the top growth down to the second leaves. Doing this will help you fill in the bottom of the plant for a stronger stem and sturdy base.

Prune Older Plants with Shears

With older plants you are looking to maintain the plant and encourage new blossoms instead of fullness. Use pruning shears to take off the side growth on either side down to the second leaf. This will encourage the growth of new offshoots, start a new growing point and provide more nutrients to more blossoms.

Prune in Spring and Fall

Once the winter is over, you should prune back some of the leaves to stimulate the African daisies out of their dormant stage. In the fall you are basically performing maintenance pruning to help the plant conserve the nutrients. Remove the dried up leaves and whithered blossoms as well as any weeds, and broken branches.