Yucca Growing Mistakes To Avoid

The Yucca plant is a member of the evergreen family. It has tall stems with small clusters of white flowers. They are seen most often in the southwest areas of the country. Yucca is a hardy plant that requires very little maintenance. Once they are planted, you can leave them alone for the most part. Here are some yucca growing mistakes you will want to avoid.

Mistake 1 - The Right Direction

Yucca need a lot of sunlight. A common mistake when planting yucca is to place it underneath trees that can block the sunlight. Placing the yucca in a northern part of your yard will also not help the plant thrive. You will want to make sure you have southern, eastern or western exposure for your yucca.

Mistake 2 - Watering

Even though a yucca can survive in harsh conditions, you need to ensure you are watering regularly and properly. The soil should have a moisture content of around 25%. Over-watering your yucca can be just as damaging as under-watering.

Mistake 3 - Humidity Issues

A yucca should not be exposed to conditions with humidity higher than 30%. If you live in an area that has high humidity, then your yucca will do much better if placed indoors as a houseplant. Too much humidity will cause your yucca to wilt and die. You can purchase a Hygrometer to monitor the levels of humidity. These work best when they are used with indoor plants.

Mistake 4 - Fertilizers

Many people will assume that feeding or fertilizing a plant will help it to grow. Fertilizer should actually not be used with yucca though. They get the nutrients they need from the sunlight and the soil. Adding fertilizer will not help your yucca, it can actually harm it.

Mistake 5 - Repotting

If you need to repot a yucca plant, you will want to do this during the spring. Repotting a yucca during the winter can cause the plant to not recover from the transplant shock. If you must repot during the winter months, think about using a tent made of plastic to help lessen the transplant shock.

Mistake 6 - Wet Soil

Yucca plants actually do very well in poor soil. They don't like wet roots. You will want to make sure you are using a soil that drains fast to avoid this. Mixing perlite with the potting soil can help to improve the drainage.

Mistake 7 - Placing near Pets or Children

While a yucca plant or tree is great to look at, they can be quite dangerous to little hands and paws. The ends of the leaves, or needles, can be razor sharp. Unknowing pets or curious kids can cause a lot of damage to their hands or paws by getting too close to them. Make sure your yucca is in a safe place to avoid this.