Zen Garden Arrangement Ideas

A Zen garden brings an air of calm and permanence so it is no wonder they are often used to promote quiet meditation.


A traditional characteristic of Zen gardens is that they are supposed to design themselves. They call to your spirit and give your mind an image of what wants to be. The basic design of a Zen garden should always invoke the power of water.

Stepping Stones

A simple gravel or sand bed raked in waves with several flat river bed rocks placed in a line from corner to corner. This simple design is pleasing to the eye and will encourage thoughts to solve problems.

Three wise men

This design will work best with a sand bed and three weathered rocks. The rocks will be positioned as though at the corners of an isosceles triangle. The sand inside the triangle is smooth and the sand around the rocks is raked in a sunburst pattern. The imagery is of a pool of knowledge being shared.

Japanese gardens often include elements of Zen design, the barrel bridge being the best known. Although Japanese gardens are nearly always ornamental, Zen gardens are felt to be animate. Size is not important and indoor Zen gardens can be as small as a foot square. The design potential is endless.