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Displaying 31 - 40 of 50 Articles
How to DIY Happy Holidays Cards
Save cash this holiday season by DIYing your own greeting cards using these design ideas.
04-26-23 by
How to Get Your Yard Decorated for the Holidays in One Weekend
You don't need to commit a lot of time to get festive curb appeal.
04-26-23 by
How to Hang Christmas Lights Outside Your House
Which lights should you use? How many are enough? The answers are here.
05-05-23 by
How to Make Your Own Candles
Here's how to make your own candles in under 10 steps.
04-26-23 by
How to Paint Personalized Ornaments
Hand-painted ornaments make great gifts and tree decorations.
04-21-23 by
How to Plant a Living Christmas Tree
It needs to keep its roots the whole time.
12-22-20 by
How to Replace a Bulb on LED Christmas Lights
Repair and replace your LED holiday lights.
03-14-23 by
How to String Christmas Lights
Keep your holidays safe with these tips on connecting Christmas lights.
03-14-23 by
How to Tell the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights
Which ones can stand up to a white Christmas?
06-22-23 by
How to Trim a Christmas Tree
6 steps to holiday perfection.
06-26-23 by