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Displaying 11 - 20 of 100 Articles
termites on wood
While termites can cause major damage to a structure, if your landlord decides to fumigate, it can cause a dent in your budget too.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff
A cluttered mess takes over the space inside a garage.
Feel like you're drowning in junk? Technology makes it easier than ever to pare down your belongings. Here's what to start with.
08-08-19 by Amy Jensen
A hand holding a cockroach by an antenna.
A can of bug spray won't get you too far if you’re making these mistakes.
07-14-22 by Joshua Aaron
A loft bed in an apartment or dorm room with a brick wall.
If no one is using the bottom bunk, why not clear the space up for use as a desk, couch, or extra storage area?
07-25-22 by Amy Jensen
couple getting keys from landlord
Don't leave money behind when you move out of your rental.
11-30-21 by Rowena Mangohig
rental agreement
Ten questions to ask your landlord before you sign the lease
05-11-20 by Maddison Dayton
keys on a welcome home sign
Make sure it's legal before you get started!
05-11-20 by Bonface Landi
Here are some questions to consider.
07-17-21 by Thomas Smith
Pots and pans hanging on a rack.
Maximize your kitchen space with 6 storage solutions.
11-19-20 by Perry Carpenter
5 Storage DIYs for Small Bathrooms
These simple DIYs only take a few minutes to throw together.
07-28-21 by James Jones