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Displaying 21 - 30 of 100 Articles
A magnetic spice rack in a kitchen.
Organize your spices on the wall near your cooking zone.
02-04-21 by Perry Carpenter
a flea market with colorful tents in a city at sunset
Take advantage of the programs in your neighborhood!
08-28-20 by Maddison Dayton
A black window box filled with plants.
Window boxes add immediate charm and beauty to any space.
07-25-22 by KC Morgan
vinyl records on a wall in an appartment
Upgrades don’t have to impact the property.
07-25-22 by Maddison Dayton
a couple with moving boxes
Don't pay for something that's not your responsibility.
07-25-22 by Bonface Landi
A blue wood ottoman with a striped lid.
Customize your own DIY ottoman for storage and extra seating.
07-25-22 by KC Morgan
Mildew on the wall next to a window
Illness may be molded by the conditions in your own home.
07-25-22 by Jason Pelmont
Bookshelf on the wall
Additional shelving is useful in almost every home. Plus, you can install shelving quickly, easily, and inexpensively.
07-25-22 by DoItYourself Staff
A woman pulling kitchen items out of a cabinet.
Start the new year with some kitchen organization.
07-25-22 by Dawn Hammon
A miniature citrus tree against a white and orange background.
Looking for some plants to spruce up your home?
07-25-22 by Perry Carpenter