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Displaying 41 - 50 of 100 Articles
modern home decor trends
Whether you're starting from scratch or updating your decor, the new year's interior design trends are sure to inspire you!
01-06-16 by Nicole Nemeth
Vegetable Container Gardening for the Urbanite
You don't need an acre of land--or even a backyard--to grow your own vegetables.
05-14-21 by Perry Carpenter
How to Plant a One-container Vegetable Garden
Don't think you have enough room for a vegetable garden? I bet you have enough room for this one!
07-21-15 by Kimberly Carver
A group of potted succulents with the phrase "DIY succulent garden."
Succulents are an inexpensive way to add color and sculpture to your space. Make the most of their natural beauty by grouping them together.
02-18-15 by Amy Jensen
An apartment intercom buzzer.
An apartment intercom is no stranger to malfunctioning.
01-21-20 by Charles Gatebi
picking a lock
Break into a brand new skill set and unlock all the doors.
10-29-19 by Mike Johnson
Various garden tools laid out on a wooden table.
Get the maximum use out of the space you have.
05-11-20 by KC Morgan
A footstool with a built-in bookshelf.
For the bibliophile to put her feet up on.
02-24-15 by Zachary DiPego
carbon monoxide detector on yellow wall
Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, but your CO detector is a silent guardian. Learn how yours works.
11-15-19 by Justin Stewart
unlocking door
Can't get in your home? Can't lock up on your way out? Check for one of these five common problems with door locks.
08-08-19 by DoItYourself Staff