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Displaying 1 - 10 of 30 Articles
5 Home Bar Designs with Bamboo
When you are considering home bar designs, bamboo can give you a feeling of pure relaxation.
09-12-22 by
Add a Bamboo Fence over an Existing Fence
Adding bamboo to an existing fence adds security and style.
06-15-22 by
A Green Alternative: Bamboo Bathroom Flooring
Bamboo flooring has many benefits.
08-07-21 by
All About Outdoor Bamboo Shades
Outdoor bamboo shades are a great way of reducing the amount of sunlight and heat that enters a room.
08-31-22 by
Bamboo Beaded Curtain Care
Take care of these fun, casual design elements.
11-22-22 by
Bamboo Flooring Installation: Glue Down Method
More and more people prefer to use bamboo flooring.
01-05-21 by
Bamboo Flooring Installation: The Nail Down Method
Bamboo flooring offers some rather surprising benefits.
08-10-21 by
Bamboo Rug Ideas for the Modern Look
It's an environmentally friendly way to add cozy warmth.
06-02-22 by
Choosing Bamboo Cabinets
Bamboo cabinets have become increasingly more common.
08-04-21 by
DIY Bamboo Floor Vents
A unique feature that will add some character to any room are bamboo floor vents.
10-18-21 by