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Displaying 11 - 20 of 30 Articles
How to Clean Your Baseboard Heater
The electric baseboard heater system of your home can become clogged with human and pet hair.
03-08-23 by
How to Cut the Inside Corner of a Vinyl Baseboard
A vinyl baseboard is an inexpensive alternative to wood and other style of trim. Vinyl baseboard, like
12-18-20 by
How to Install a Hot Water Baseboard Heater
Learning to correctly install a hot water baseboard heater is a technical skill.
01-06-22 by
How to Install Tile Baseboard
Installing tile baseboard throughout the entire house helps to protect the walls from vacuums and mops
04-01-20 by
How to Make a Baseboard Heater Cover
Making a baseboard heater cover can help make your room look more attractive.
03-30-22 by
How to Miter Cut Shoe Molding
Make ordinary baseboards seem extraordinary.
07-17-21 by
How To Paint A Baseboard
A quality paint brush is the key to a great baseboard job.
06-26-23 by
How to Protect Furniture from a Baseboard Heater
You may need to know how to protect furniture from a baseboard heater.
02-15-22 by
How to Recycle and Reuse Baseboards
We’re used to baseboards filling the area between the floor and the wall to disguise little gaps
10-29-20 by
How to Remove a Hot Water Baseboard Heater
A hot water baseboard heater is an inefficient way to heat your home.
01-06-22 by