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Displaying 11 - 20 of 83 Articles
Boat Floor Maintenance: 4 Ways to Clean Boat Carpet
Here are different ways to clean the carpet on a boat.
03-13-20 by
Boat Hull Designs: Understand the Differences
Hull design is important to consider when choosing a boat.
03-11-20 by
Boat Maintenance: Flushing a Boat Engine
Running water through a boat engine is good practice.
09-04-21 by
Boat Motor Buying Guide
Consider size and performance for your boat motor.
02-25-20 by
Boat Repair: Fixing the Trailer
Boat trailer damage will require a detailed guide.
02-25-20 by
Boat Repair: Repairing the Transom
Repairing the transom of the boat is a minor boat repair.
10-11-19 by
Build a Homemade Boat Anchor
Keep one around in smaller crafts, or for emergencies.
12-24-19 by
Build A Private Dock Inexpensively And Safely
A private dock can be a great way to enjoy your waterfront property or mountain lake retreat.
05-16-22 by
Cleaning the Sails on Your Sailboat
Keep the parts clean and in good working order.
04-01-20 by
Detail Sander Information for Boat Wood Finish Removal
Get the details right on your boat finish.
01-17-23 by