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Displaying 1 - 10 of 7 Articles
5 Benefits of Making Candles Instead of Buying
Making candles can be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling activity.
03-31-23 by
5 Things to Avoid When Making Candles from Scratch
These tips will illuminate what you know about candlemaking.
06-26-23 by
Candle Making Basics
So, you want to make your own candles? Candle making is a popular hobby today.
05-05-23 by
Candle Wax Removal Methods
Methods for candle wax removal differ depending on the type of material.
03-29-23 by
How to Make a Scented Jar Candle
You can keep your ingredient mix as natural as you like.
03-31-23 by
Learn How To Make Candles in Four Easy Steps
Use your creativity to create different shapes and textures for your candles.
02-28-23 by
Types of Oils Used for Candle Fragrance & How to Use Them
You have a huge range of natural scent options.
11-21-22 by