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Displaying 11 - 20 of 123 Articles
Build Your Own Sheetrock Lift
A drywall lift is a machine used to lift up drywall panels.
11-30-20 by
Can I Put a Drop Ceiling Directly Over a Popcorn Ceiling?
A short and sweet answer. Yes.
10-21-21 by
Ceiling Mount Shower Head: Plumbing Explained
This is a popular feature in modern designs.
11-19-21 by
Ceiling Mount Shower Head: Pros and Cons
It's installed on the ceiling above a bathtub or cubicle.
03-29-22 by
Ceiling Panels: How to Install Floating Ceiling Joints
An inexpensive alternative to traditional sheetrock
10-20-21 by
Ceiling Roses and Ceiling Medallions
Good advice to install a ceiling rose or ceiling medallion.
10-29-21 by
Choose The Best Drop Ceiling Tiles
Drop ceilings are often used to cover up electrical ducts.
06-26-23 by
Cut Crown Molding Like a Pro
Crown molding adds height to the room.
05-19-21 by
Decorating With Tin Ceiling Panels
Use them to spice up the look of almost any room.
06-12-21 by
DIY Statement Ceiling
Give your home a bold look this year!
11-17-22 by