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Displaying 21 - 30 of 123 Articles
Explaining Ceiling Heights Under International Building Code
Always familiarize yourself with applicable building codes.
02-06-20 by
Finishing a Basement Part 6 - Framing Corners, Doors, and Ceilings
Here's some advice on framing your basement areas.
10-31-20 by
Flush Clip Mount Ceilings 4 - Locating the Ceiling Joists and First Row
Here's some information on flush clipping mounted ceilings.
07-28-21 by
Foam Crown Molding Installation
Foam crown molding's a functional alternative to real wood.
11-04-20 by
Furring Strip Ceilings - Layout and Installation
Upgrade with this classic, natural look.
09-08-22 by
Home Wiring Questions about Ceiling Fans
Q. I am installing a ceiling fan into a bedroom that had no previous ceiling fan/light.
09-22-22 by
How Do You Calculate a Wall/Ceiling Angle?
Calculating a wall/ceiling angle is a DIY skill you can learn.
07-13-23 by
How Long Can You Run a Ceiling Fan?
Ceiling fans are a good way to circulate air throughout a home in both cool and hot weather.
06-26-23 by
How to Build a Curved Rafter
There are 3 main types of curved rafters. This article will describe the steps required to fabricate one of them, an elliptical convex rafter joist.
01-06-20 by
How to Change a Cathedral Ceiling to a Standard Ceiling
Turn your cathedral ceiling into a standard one.
10-23-20 by