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Displaying 21 - 30 of 32 Articles
How to Repair a Ceramic Kitchen Bullnose Tile
Repairing bullnose tile is best done with care.
05-12-21 by
How to Repair a Chip in a Ceramic Bathroom Sink
It's easy to maintain.
04-22-22 by
How to Repair Peeling Paint on Ceramic Tiles
Due to high levels of humidity, ceramic tiles will not hold on to a coating of paint for long.
11-14-22 by
How to Replace a Cracked or Chipped Ceramic Floor Tile
How to replace a cracked or chipped ceramic floor tile.
08-10-21 by
How to Replace a Porcelain Floor Tile Part 2
What you should look out for when replacing a ceramic tile.
08-10-21 by
Installing Ceramic Tile By The Numbers
Beautify any space and add thousands to your home's value.
05-18-21 by
Is a ceramic kitchen countertop stain resistant?
A ceramic kitchen countertop adds a little sparkle to your kitchen.
09-08-22 by
Is it bad if film comes off my ceramic tile flooring during cleaning?
Ceramic tile flooring is very durable and easy to care for.
10-21-21 by
Is white ceramic floor tile difficult to keep clean?
White ceramic tile is very stylish and clean looking.
07-22-21 by
Laying Ceramic Tile over Vinyl
Here are a number of steps that you are going to need to do.
10-20-21 by