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Displaying 11 - 20 of 58 Articles
an indoor fireplace in a living room
It connects the heating unit to the chimney flue.
07-25-22 by Sarah Coghlan
View up a roofline to the chimney
Like your house, your chimney appreciates a clean roof.
07-25-22 by Charles Gatebi
A turbine vent on a roof against a blue sky.
Wanna keep the air flowing and the critters out? Try a turbine chimney cap.
12-17-20 by Jeff Grundy
Man working on a roof near a chimney
Leaks can cause serious damage and expense.
07-25-22 by
Chimney protruding from a red roof
Keep your chimney chugging along.
07-25-22 by
a chimney on a rooftop
There are different types of chimney cowls.
05-19-20 by Robert Miller
smoke drifting out of a chimney on a roof
The damper controls heat, airflow, and smoke for your fireplace and chimney.
01-28-20 by Precious Silva
A chimney with flashing.
Chimney flashing stops leaks.
07-25-22 by Justin Stewart
Building a chimenea could be an excellent use for an old 55 gallon steel drum.
07-11-22 by Justin Stewart
A fireplace damper controls the amount of moisture and oxygen that enters into your fireplace, and it
09-04-12 by DoItYourself Staff