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Displaying 21 - 30 of 66 Articles
Choosing the Right Wood for Your Eaves
Wooden eaves have been used on roofs for centuries. A variety of different woods are available but which one is best for you?
01-21-20 by
Construction Laws to Know Before You Build a House
Don't get put in the dog house during your build.
01-05-22 by
Construction Permits vs. Building Permits
Building permits being essential for any building projects should be understood since they are essential for any building projects, ensuring that the project will comply with local standards.
10-13-20 by
Developing a New Home Construction Schedule
Planning a new home is a complicated process.
01-30-21 by
Different Types of House Foundations
You can mount a house on a few different materials.
08-18-22 by
Dome Homes
This cozy style is making a comeback.
08-18-22 by
Gambrel Roof Pros and Cons
They increase interior space but they can be hard to repair.
12-02-21 by
Grasscrete 101
Combine grass and concrete for a green alternative to a standard walkway or driveway.
04-19-23 by
How Much Does a 2x4 Weigh? (and Other Common Questions)
It depends on the type of wood, and how dense and dry it is.
10-29-20 by
How Much Do Standing Seam Metal Roofs Cost?
They're expensive up front but they outlast other materials.
12-02-21 by