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Displaying 41 - 50 of 66 Articles
How to Re-Shingle a Roof After Removing a Chimney Pipe
You'll need to reshingle the roof after chimney pipe removal
01-28-20 by
How to Sign a Contract with a Contractor
Stipulate the details you need when drawing up a contract.
05-19-21 by
How to Tie in a Flat Roof Addition
It adds to your home.
06-29-20 by
How To Use a Contractor's Time Efficiently
Make the most of your investment.
01-11-22 by
Installing a Window Start to Finish
Open the window to a new adventure.
07-11-22 by
Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Garage?
Calculate the cost to decide.
03-10-23 by
Modular, Prefab Tiny Homes
It's no tiny feat to find the right prefab home.
03-07-22 by
Never Tell Your Contractor These 4 Things
Be clear about your plans, and keep yourself in the loop.
04-25-22 by
Range Hood Vents: Wall, Soffit or Roof Vent
Vents are a necessity in modern homes.
04-02-20 by
Ranking Roofing Materials
It's a huge investment, so weigh the pros and cons.
11-29-21 by