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Displaying 1 - 10 of 117 Articles
An AC condenser.
Repairing a clogged auto AC condenser will need special attentions and analysis of the condenser structure.
01-07-20 by Purva Bhandari
The parts under the hood of a car.
Identify one of the many possible causes for a noisy air conditioner.
11-01-19 by Bipasha Bhatia
Gaskets on a white background.
Repairs are a big job.
11-21-21 by Chris Nickson
Repairman working on an air conditioner
The first step is locating the leak.
11-05-19 by Michelle Keefe
AC compressor alongside other engine parts
An overheating engine is a serious warning sign. When your car overheats it's important to find out why as soon as possible.
12-11-19 by Tisha Berg
Chevrolet engine
Without coolant, your car engine will overheat and cause serious damage so this is not a problem to ignore.
01-08-20 by Lewis Doe
High ceiling with a ceiling fan
Ceiling fans are a good way to circulate air throughout a home in both cool and hot weather.
05-31-21 by Justin Stewart
A ceiling fan.
Why are babies so fascinated by ceiling fans?
10-24-19 by Justin Stewart
the control buttons of a car's AC system
Take it apart and spray down each piece.
10-07-21 by Sara LeDuc
the controls for a car AC system
To get started, learn about the parts of the AC system.
10-22-19 by Felicia Leng